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The 4Visions manager software allows you to manage your projects, contacts, planning and invoicing easily and intuitively from any computer connected to the Internet, bringing together all the areas of your business activity in one place.

4Visions Manager also includes a restricted directory of translators available to users. Are you a freelancer? Join at no cost. Users of the software will be able to access your file and contact you - a new way to obtain new projects and partnerships with new clients.

4Visions manager exploits all the advantages of cloud computing, so you’ll always have access to all areas of your activity. We know your data and files are important, so we use backup copies, data encryption, data transfer security (SSL) and advanced security measures to avoid any problems. Make the very most of your time!


In this section, you can create and track all your projects:

  • Projects: In a few easy steps, create projects either directly or from a quotation and assign them to yourself or the people you work with.
  • Sending of emails: Upload files and send them by email together with the order form (PO) from the software.
  • Monitoring: Check on the projects’ status at any time.


This module allows you to manage your administration. It creates quotations, generates invoices and includes expenses. The graphical reports enable you to clearly view the development of your business month by month:

  • Invoices: Creates customisable invoices, directly or from quotations, with just one click.
  • Quotations: Easily creates detailed quotations and checks their status (accepted, rejected, pending).
  • Expenses: Manages your expenses practically and quickly.
  • Graphical reports: Graphically displays income and expenditure by month or year.


In this section you can create and monitor all your contacts:

  • List: Include your clients’ and collaborators’ details, access them from anywhere and organise them using filters (by company, person, collaborator).
  • Collaborators: View their detailed professional profile (services, fees, language pairs, specialisations, etc.)
  • Actions: Associate tasks with your contacts so that you don’t forget anything (a phone call, email, etc.)
  • Tags: Customise contact profiles with tags.


In this section, you can check the status of your regular tasks:

  • Reminders: Receive notification of pending tasks.
  • Tasks: Displays tasks and deadlines for projects created.
  • View: Displays the calendar in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly format.
  • Colours: Displays the calendar in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly format.

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