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Who we are

4Visions is a company founded by translators with the aim of creating the best management tool for freelancers and small translation agencies. Our own need led us to create the software that we would have liked to have found: simple, intuitive, multi-platform, offering a great user experience and wholly adapted to our business.

We are translators like you and share the same concerns and needs, so we will always endeavour to offer you a tool that is useful in your day-to-day activities. These are our fundamental principles.

To achieve this, we have a powerful technology department which allows us to constantly develop and improve the software so that you always have the best possible tool and can make the most of your time.

The founding team

Irene Vidal – CEO

Highly organised and an early riser, Irene leads 4Visions and is responsible for co-ordinating the various departments to ensure that we are always heading in the right direction. She continues to work as a translator and one of her objectives is to run a half marathon.

Martine Fernández – Financial Manager

Martine is a translator and born entrepreneur. In 4Visions she is responsible for checking that the accounts always balance and updating the business plan. She affirms that a walk on the beach first thing in the morning recharges her batteries for the rest of the day.

Pilar del Rey – Communications Manager

An equally meticulous and hard working translator, Pilar is in charge of communication with our users and the human face of the company. She combines her interest in mechanics perfectly with everything related to art and human emotions.

Asier Marqués – CTO

Asier is the technical director of the company and responsible for overseeing all the software development. In addition, he is an entrepreneur and has been involved in several start-ups. He loves geek culture.

Ricard Sierra – Marketing Manager

In addition to running a translation company, Ricard is responsible for putting together the 4Visions marketing plan and working with Asier in the development of the software. He maintains that his most prized possession is a Cannondale carbon bike.

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